Restorative Enhancement Management

By Washington Wellness Institute

This is the first project, which was completed in March 2021. Restorative Enhancement Management or REM.

William, the proprietor of Washington Wellness Institute wanted a logo that represented Ikigai, which is a Japanese concept that means your “reason for being.” I did some research to see how I can make the logos similar to the diagram. It was a bit challenging because the concepts I made looked funny.

When I thought about the word “restorative,” I thought of liquid or an elixir used to restore one’s health, which is why I used various shades of blue. Since this program uses counseling with a holistic approach, I used brown to represent being grounded or present. I wanted to have an illusion of an eye in the middle because based on what REM is, it represents conscious.

Since William loved all of my concepts, he decided to take all of them to be used for apparel in the future.