R.E.S.E.T. Deck Vol. 1

By Washington Wellness Institute

Written by William C. Washington
Graphic Design by LaShanta Knowles
Artwork by Amaya Koss

This is the second project, which was completed in September 2021. There are two versions, the magnatic box and tuck box that are available at Make Playing Cards.

As someone who enjoys doing tarot readings, I was ecstatic when I was asked to help make an oracle deck for a mental health practice. This project was a huge challenge because William and I used two different card companies to be sure that the decks looked good enough to be sold.

The first company we used is called Vervante. Though I do appreciate their services, but what bothered me was that I had to cut out my own tuck box and fold it together instead of having the cards already inside. I decided to go with Make Playing Cards because I heard great reviews from a lot of independent artists. The layout, from the cards to the box it came in looked well polished.