ViewUnity Gaming

Art Director of ViewPrint
September 2020 – Present

TeePublic Store

I joined the organization called ViewUnity Gaming in September 2020 when the founders, William C. Washington and Justin Almodovar reached out to me and asked if I would like to be their graphic designer. The premise of ViewUnity Gaming is that we raise money to help children get their medical expenses taken care of by partnering with Extra Life and Children’s Miracle Network. Playing videos was the incentive at the time to help bring communities together and the best way to get our name out is by live streaming every Monday and Thursday night. Although this is a fairly new organization, I joined because I, too, was a child who dealt with illnesses and wanted to do my part by giving back.

The first project I did was create a couple of t-shirt designs of Smash Down and Smash is War. The idea was to create something that represented Nintendo’s Smash Bros and WWE’s Smackdown and Raw. Since the founders both loved the design, they wanted me to be a permanent member of VU by being a ViewForce member. 

Since we wanted to find another incentive to donate to Extra Life, we decided to make royalty free music and a print on demand store, to which each time we sold merch, proceeds will be given to help raise $10,000.00 by the end of the year. I was responsible for managing the TeePublic store and creating the album covers along with another team member named Demetric Bell, who he and I collaborated on the album designs. Because of the success of how projects were executed, the founders agreed that I create and manage the art department called ViewPrint, where people can request Demetric or myself to work on projects to which we’ll keep the proceeds given to us. 

The biggest and most difficult project was creating the website for the organization. This was around the time where I was completing my certification in web development in Spring 2021. Because I previously had experiences of building websites, this took at least 2 to 3 weeks of designing the layout and hand coding everything from scratch. This was a rushed project due to the founders needing a website to showcase to the overseers reviewing their grant proposals. This was not my best work because I was hoping to incorporate the web programming languages that I learned after completing my classes. I realized I bit more than I can chew and this was a valuable lesson as I also realized that being a back end (server side) programmer was something I’m not a fan of. So, the website is still not completed, but live nonetheless. 

Overall, I am honored to be part of something that is bigger than what I can imagine. We’re currently taking a hiatus to strategize on how to be fully engaging with the community.

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