LaShanta Knowles

Pointless Peaches LLC is a retail store that sells art related items from hand crafted items made out of Perler beads to t-shirt designs. The founder, LaShanta Knowles started this company in 2018 when she bought Perler magnets from a seller and lost them the same day. Due to this, she wanted to replicate the magnets she lost, but then started making her own creations and fell in love with the hobby. With her love of art, Knowles wanted to share her passion with others by turning her hobby into a business.

“It’s a gamble to be a vendor at a show because you never know if people will buy your merch or not, but that’s the beauty of it all… not knowing. Every mistake is a learning experience and even though I get frustrated or hurt that people may not see the value of my work, it forced me to be discipline by continue to keep trying.”

Who is Pointless Peaches?

To be fully transparent, I created the name based on an email I used to have. I needed something in order to sell my work, so I decided to use Pointless Peaches. Since my imagination is “out there,” I envisioned Peaches to be in a world that’s similar to Super Paper Mario. Mario at one point entered a world where things were pixelated, so I thought about Peaches being the only thing that stands out. From my experience, I stand out amongst the crowd for simply being me, but I don’t feel like I fit in and that’s okay. I believe a lot of people typically feel as though they don’t fit, so I wanted to make something that represented people like me.